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The Stamp of Approval Fall Fashion Trends

The Stamp of Approval Fall Fashion Trends After what seemed like a long and hot summer, fall eventually made its ...

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A Classic Plaid Minidress with a Long Fall Sweater

Some weeks back, I started searching for an outerwear to prep me for the changing weather. I spent the entire ...

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Black Autumn Magical Outfits

I have long said my goodbyes to cute bikinis and tank tops, as fall has already made its way to ...

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How to make impact with your style as a Fashion Influencer

The fashion and beauty industry has a plethora of everyday people who consider themselves as “divas”. Long before fashion stylist ...

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Do you need a resume to put a stunning seasonal look together?

When it comes to putting summer outfits together — fashion resume bullet points and credentials don’t necessarily hold a lot ...

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My addition to haute couture inspired by contemporary fashion

I have always viewed fashion in contemporary times as an engine that provoke change, and I’m so excited to share ...

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