A Collision of Glamour and Greatness


Born in the oil rich riverine area of Warri, Nigeria. American acculturated.

I took a great interest in fashion at a young age. I was preoccupied the way my mother’s fashion accouterments made her stood at from the crowd. I found her dress codes very fascinating and this interested led me to Paris to pursue fashion/modeling after I earned my Bachelor’s in business with a concentration in Fashion Marketing. I got pregnant along the way and it seems as though my dream came to a halt.

With a consistent hunger for greatness, I enrolled in an online program at Fashion Institute of California simultaneously with full-time classroom program in AVEDA Institute while pregnant with Joel, and there I obtained my double diploma in Fashion styling/Makeup. I quickly adapted myself to the American culture and fashion holding both a full-time corporate in Apple and an intern in Fashion Houses in New York such as PLITZS NYFW.

I increased my appetite for greatness by finally completing my graduate program from University of Maryland (UMUC) where I obtain my MBA/Marketing.

Resume aside, I’m a chic styled in a save stilettos. A lion. Bad mama jama to Joel. A nurturer of greatness. A champion for kids in the foster care system. An advocate for mental health individuals. A voice to the most vulnerable. A politically woke person. Creativity is my passion. Innovativeness is my dress code. A plain lover of life, and a human being who sees and validates others.