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Stepping into Fall: NYFW Trends

Fresh from the New York Fashion Week, the fall styles I saw on the runway is much attainable and most of the designers Ready-To-wear outfits were down to earth and something I can easily rock on a weekday. I spent about three days with my all-access pass to NYFW running around and... Continue reading »

Fresh Off the Fall 2019 NYFW

The NYFW started on Thursday, though I couldn’t go to any of the evening shows because I had to meet up with my team at the Chelsea studio, but by Saturday when I started reviewing all the different content sent to me I knew I was going to be up and running all day Saturday and Sunday.... Continue reading »

Fall Fitness with Tema Athletics Wears

It has been a long summer and as I prepared for back to school time with the kids, I am getting my fitness priorities in order. I hope that you really enjoyed every part of this summer and please don't beat yourself if you weren't as disciplined with your fitness all through the... Continue reading »

Back to School Shopping Mode Alert

After a long summer of fun activities and relaxing in the beach with your kids, it's that time of the year where you have to step back and get back into school shopping mode. Class in back in full session! Moms like yourself know the stress that comes with a new school season. But the... Continue reading »

A Versatile Exaggerated Bell Sleeve Lace Top

This playful bell sleeves adds a flouncy movement to this top, and as I was looking for what to pair it with, this black and white lacey detailed skirt stood out and, complimented it so perfectly. I honestly can tell you that this exaggerated statement piece is inspired by me trying to... Continue reading »

My Favorite Schwarzkopf® Keratin Hair Color + Moisture

I Remember the days when I had to sit and wait at the salon to get my hair colored and can you believe that those days are gone for me! I recently came across this Jet Black 1.0 Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color + Moisture at my local cvs_beauty - and believe me when I say my hair coloring... Continue reading »

Love a Chic One-Shoulder Summer Dress

I had so much fun wearing this navy blue Miriom mixed one-shoulder dress from Ted Baker. It gave me a feeling of extra flawlessness and the most interesting detail about this outfit is that the fabric is very stretchy with a chic contrast, and an elegant pleated bottoms that makes it... Continue reading »

Rejuvenating Workout Style

As you start enjoying the summer and all the exciting workout activities, you need both a great workout routine, the most stylish outfit a side of Super Youth Collagen supplement from SkinnyFit to give you that rejuvenating summer ready look. Having this... Continue reading »

Saturday Farmer’s Market White Summer Dress

After being out of state for what seems to be forever, I couldn’t wait to be back home and just relax in my kitchen, cooking some fresh-scented vegetables for my kids. The first place I visited as soon as we settled in was my favorite Potomac Farmers Market. With my basket at... Continue reading »

It has been a long summer and as I prepared for back to school time with the kids, I am getting my fitness priorities in order. I hope that you really enjoyed every part of this summer and please don’t beat yourself if you weren’t as disciplined with your fitness all through the season.

Summer brings out a lot of fun time, and loosening up ( I’m still recovering from mine) So as you prep your little ones to return to school and you heading back to work this week please take some time out to find some gym outfit that will put you back in Fitness mode. I found these Fitted high waists club leggings from Tema Athletics and I can confess that these athlete wear will help you set your fitness activities in the right track.

This sleek seamless blue bra top and highwaist seamless leggings are the perfect piece for yoga, and any type of Fitness activities you choose to indulge in. The brand specializes in size inclusive active wear that is beautifully crafted with seamless patterns, banded waistline that gives comfortability, functionality, and stylishness all at the same time.

It comes in different designs, and sizes and you will experience the goal of this brand by feeling extremely great, as soon as you have this outfit on.

You can click on the link below to get yours today.

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