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The Stamp of Approval Fall Fashion Trends

The Stamp of Approval Fall Fashion Trends After what seemed like a long and hot summer, fall eventually made its way to us, bringing a chilly wind, a new splash of color from Mother Nature, and of course, a new fashion season. As I was looking at the fall 2018 runways, a lot of my questions... Continue reading »

A Classic Plaid Minidress with a Long Fall Sweater

Some weeks back, I started searching for an outerwear to prep me for the changing weather. I spent the entire month of October trying to find the right ensemble; all the while considering that months come and go pretty fast with all the different festive activities. With Halloween week already... Continue reading »

A Pumpkin Fall Day in Downtown Bethesda

Joel and I love to go through every nook and cranny of Bethesda City, and our most favorite spot to spend the weekend is the newly renovated Hyatt Regency located in the heart of downtown Bethesda, Maryland. We always use our short stay in this hotel as a way to escape my busy weeks and also... Continue reading »

Black Autumn Magical Outfits

I have long said my goodbyes to cute bikinis and tank tops, as fall has already made its way to our realm. As the trees shed their leaves during this time of the year in favor of the cold weather, so must our wardrobes adapt with the changes in favor of a warmer, more... Continue reading »

The Daily Dual Repair That’s Keeping My Hand Fresh

Regardless of the time of the year, I always want to make sure that my skin is rejuvenated and hydrated. One of the best ways I do to keep my skin rejuvenated is to drink a lot of water and make sure that I do a lot of physical activities like swimming and then focus on eating healthy so as to... Continue reading »

Orlando for Back-To-School Vacation

Orlando for Back-To-School Vacation The back-to-school vacation has always been a fun time for Joel and me to bond after the long summer holiday activities. We always find a way to document all the events that we engaged in on every city we visit and find a way to dedicate it to Glam2Greatness.... Continue reading »

How to make impact with your style as a Fashion Influencer

The fashion and beauty industry has a plethora of everyday people who consider themselves as “divas”. Long before fashion stylist started taking ownership of every red carpet, there has always been a creative individual who stylishly captures your attention as soon as they stepped into a room... Continue reading »

Do you need a resume to put a stunning seasonal look together?

When it comes to putting summer outfits together — fashion resume bullet points and credentials don’t necessarily hold a lot of weight when true vision and passion is included. In fact, the most inspired styles are often crafted from the creativity of pioneers who are determined to take... Continue reading »

5 Digital Branding Tips You Should Know About

Introducing a new product to the world calls for some serious planning. The plan has to involve formulating strategies to get customers to buy what you’re selling. Through digital branding, you’d be able to get your product out there. It helps you reach prospective clients and increases... Continue reading »

Your Five-Step Guide to Building a Successful Beauty Brand

If there is ever an industry that will propel you to greatness, it’s the beauty industry. But the question is: can you make the cut? Glam2Greatness believes that, with our help, you can! The times are changing everything but people’s desire to look their best – to look beautiful! It’s... Continue reading »

If there is ever an industry that will propel you to greatness, it’s the beauty industry. But the question is: can you make the cut? Glam2Greatness believes that, with our help, you can!

The times are changing everything but people’s desire to look their best – to look beautiful! It’s not just about looking good either; it’s about being able to maintain our looks with products that cater to our specific needs – our style, preference, and unique sense of fashion.

1. Passion and Grit
Not even the biggest brands can deter yours from succeeding if you have passion and grit. When you create something, you have to believe in it, and you have to believe that it will succeed. When people see you have confidence in your product, they will have confidence in you and support your brand.

2. Looking Good
The beauty industry is all about looking good and your product should have the power to do that. People need to know that your product can make them look great and that all starts with you looking great.

3. The Right Name
Why do big brands succeed? Because they have everything! And more importantly, they have the people’s trust. People know what they’re going to get with those brands and that’s the kind of strength you need to set up your foundation with. Your name helps take your company on the map, especially when you get it right. Partner with a reputable branding agency like Glam2Greatness once you’ve decided on a name and so we can help develop it and bring it the success it deserves.

5. Awareness of Your Consumers
The truth is; your brand isn’t going to click for everyone. But that’s okay because you know who your target market is. You know that they’re enough to bring you the success you deserve. It helps to do your research so you can shape your brand to be enticing to the demographic you wish to serve. What is your beauty brand all about? Is it for women in their thirties? Is it for teens? Is it for men, women, or both? You have to go through these important aspects with a branding expert to ensure that you come up with a brand that clicks with your intended market.

5. Work with a Good Branding Agency
There is so much talent out there in the world; so many people have great ideas yet what they lack is expertise in branding. You have the name, concept, and everything else on point; but who can you rely on to develop the brand? Partner with a branding agency that you are confident can build your brand from the ground up. Start things right by doing your research on these companies and narrow down your list of prospects until you figure out the one you can work best with. The company doesn’t necessarily have to be the best, just one that you click with on every level and knows exactly what to do to bring your vision to life.

Glam2Greatness believes that we are the solution you are looking for. Feel free to get in touch with us today!

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