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How to make impact with your style as a Fashion Influencer

The fashion and beauty industry has a plethora of everyday people who consider themselves as “divas”. Long before fashion stylist started taking ownership of every red carpet, there has always been a creative individual who stylishly captures your attention as soon as they stepped into a room... Continue reading »

Do you need a resume to put a stunning seasonal look together?

When it comes to putting summer outfits together — fashion resume bullet points and credentials don’t necessarily hold a lot of weight when true vision and passion is included. In fact, the most inspired styles are often crafted from the creativity of pioneers who are determined to take... Continue reading »

5 Digital Branding Tips You Should Know About

Introducing a new product to the world calls for some serious planning. The plan has to involve formulating strategies to get customers to buy what you’re selling. Through digital branding, you’d be able to get your product out there. It helps you reach prospective clients and increases... Continue reading »

Your Five-Step Guide to Building a Successful Beauty Brand

If there is ever an industry that will propel you to greatness, it’s the beauty industry. But the question is: can you make the cut? Glam2Greatness believes that, with our help, you can! The times are changing everything but people’s desire to look their best – to look beautiful! It’s... Continue reading »


The ultimate sale for the season is here and we are all here for it. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale kick off last week— This is Nordstrom’s biggest sale event that usually takes place yearly— and it brings in tons of fantastic savings and sweet deals to any fashion lover. Unlike other... Continue reading »


GLAM OUTFIT | COLLABORATION It’s officially summer season. And like me, you’re probably wondering how to make the best selections for a swimsuit that will suit your style and shape. I can confidently tell you to search no more cause there’s one brand that designs swimsuit which molds... Continue reading »

7 Beauty Tips Women Over Thirty Should Know About

There used to be something about age that rendered women speechless. Speechless, as in, they would rather not talk about it. But now it’s different because 30 has suddenly become the new 20 and every woman just can’t stop talking about how exciting these years of their lives are going to... Continue reading »

My addition to haute couture inspired by contemporary fashion

I have always viewed fashion in contemporary times as an engine that provoke change, and I’m so excited to share how this provocation has inspired my love for couture style with you. As a fashion influencer I have always use the changes in fashion, consumer lifestyles and culture as a... Continue reading »

6 Reasons Why You Should Advertise Your Brand Online

Are you fond of online shopping or browsing content on the internet? Well, so is everyone else. This is exactly what makes digital branding an ace in the hole among other marketing techniques. It creates a steady platform where each demand from the market is met with the right supply.... Continue reading »

7 Ways to Make Your Influencers Brand Stand Out

Almost every business is on the internet now. There’s a lot of traffic online and the market is scattered about. How can you make them stop and direct their attention towards your brand? Glam2Greatness shares seven quick ways you can follow: 1. Be real Present your brand with... Continue reading »

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Almost every business is on the internet now.
There’s a lot of traffic online and the market is scattered about.
How can you make them stop and direct their attention towards your brand?

Glam2Greatness shares seven quick ways you can follow:

1. Be real

Present your brand with authenticity. That’s what people want.

Set a voice for your brand; give it a flavor the market has never tasted anywhere else. Don’t be afraid to try something unique. Give the crowd a refreshing break to cleanse their palate from what they usually consume.

And most of all…

Dare to be bolder.

2. Create a theme

A theme is like a preview. It gives your consumer a summary of what you have to offer them as a brand. They can take one quick look at your shop or website and be like, “Ooh! This is something that interests me!”. Then boom! Just like that, you gain an instant following.

One way to make a theme is to choose a particular color palette that will set the vibe for your target market.

Make sure your theme leaves a strong impression so that your audience can associate with your brand.

3. Draw the crowd with strong visuals

Your brand has to be pleasing to the eyes for it to pop out from the rest.

It doesn’t need to be too intricate either. Something simple yet crisp is more likely favored by the market.

Use imagery which is easy to be understood and can reflect the whole feel of your brand.

That way, you will be able to maintain a constant following.

4. Relate to your audience

Forming a connection with your market will make them more inclined to support you.

Use compelling words to evoke a response with your audience.

Choose to converse rather than to just simply present, and you will surely get a response!

5. Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Relying on simple lines of text (no matter how convincing they are) to promote your brand is not enough.

You have to strive for diversity to keep your audience on their toes.

Be versatile. Have more types of content to promote your business; like pictures, videos, or blogs.

Use everything you have at your disposal and extend your reach to different media platforms.

6. Have something regular

Set a schedule, something your followers can expect from you every week or month. This aids your brand in keeping the attention of the crowd. Strive to be interactive, show a bit of personality, and always leave your audience wanting more.

7. Always have a strategy

It’s fine to be daring, but every action you make must be calculated to avoid risks. This is where Glam2Greatness comes in. We will help you shape your brand to success. We offer a solution to every single one of your digital branding needs. Work with us and see how well your brand will be able to stand above the crowd.

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