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Mount Vernon Adventure in Bardot’s Blazer-Inspired Dress

We always enjoy visiting new places, and seeing the different attractions of each cities we visit. But I love most about this short trip is the outfit that we brought along. I spent Saturday morning wondering around the Apple Carnegie library area in Mount Vernon DC, in this black over... Continue reading »

Fall Fashion Guide: Mount Vernon Neighborhood

It is November again and the fall fashion around the historic Carnegie Library in Mount Vernon DC this time of the year is so vibrant and colorful. This is one of the most attractive neighborhoods in the city and it’s known for not just its solid nightlife and nice restaurant, but for... Continue reading »

Visiting Hill High Farm with My Kids

We had so much on our day trip to Hill high Farm in Winchester Virginia this weekend, and it was just a perfect way to celebrate fall. We had been wanting to go to the farm for a while and this farm has been on our radar because of the location. But with so much school work and... Continue reading »

Fall Fashion Guide: Georgetown DC

It has been a while since we set out for a fall shoot, and after what seems like a long summer and back to school activities with my kids, I could not wait to bring you all the beauty that comes with the fall season. And what better place to give a fall fashion guide than the... Continue reading »

Effortless Fall Monochrome Suit

The black monochrome wardrobe staples truly never go out of style, and I am always excited every time I can correctly pull one look together. The best strategy for wearing a monochrome is simply to break up some of your tone and adding accessories that can complement... Continue reading »

Stepping into Fall: NYFW Trends

Fresh from the New York Fashion Week, the fall styles I saw on the runway is much attainable and most of the designers Ready-To-wear outfits were down to earth and something I can easily rock on a weekday. I spent about three days with my all-access pass to NYFW running around and... Continue reading »

Fresh Off the Fall 2019 NYFW

The NYFW started on Thursday, though I couldn’t go to any of the evening shows because I had to meet up with my team at the Chelsea studio, but by Saturday when I started reviewing all the different content sent to me I knew I was going to be up and running all day Saturday and Sunday.... Continue reading »

Fall Fitness with Tema Athletics Wears

It has been a long summer and as I prepared for back to school time with the kids, I am getting my fitness priorities in order. I hope that you really enjoyed every part of this summer and please don't beat yourself if you weren't as disciplined with your fitness all through the... Continue reading »

Back to School Shopping Mode Alert

After a long summer of fun activities and relaxing in the beach with your kids, it's that time of the year where you have to step back and get back into school shopping mode. Class in back in full session! Moms like yourself know the stress that comes with a new school season. But the... Continue reading »

A Versatile Exaggerated Bell Sleeve Lace Top

This playful bell sleeves adds a flouncy movement to this top, and as I was looking for what to pair it with, this black and white lacey detailed skirt stood out and, complimented it so perfectly. I honestly can tell you that this exaggerated statement piece is inspired by me trying to... Continue reading »

We had so much on our day trip to Hill high Farm in Winchester Virginia this weekend, and it was just a perfect way to celebrate fall. We had been wanting to go to the farm for a while and this farm has been on our radar because of the location. But with so much school work and afterschool activities for the kids I kept on postposing the trip.

We eventually found the perfect day, and I woke up early in the morning to get ready for the journey and found out that it was pouring down rain. I was going to cancel the trip but waited a couple of hours and called the office and was told that the farm will be open. So I quickly got the kids ready and we were all in the car within some a short while, and drove about an hour 30 minutes to Winchester. Luckily it stopped raining as soon as we arrived and we were able to get our tickets for all the different activities.

I love the refreshing colorful change that comes with Fall in Winchester, and it is such a beautiful time to be this town. The chilling morning weather that quickly changes into summer afternoon, the colorful trees that looks like a Picassos paint, and the abundant of pumpkins that lays so perfectly on every porch makes this city so warmth and perfect this time of the year.

Joel and my girls all had an amazing day at the farm, and you could see the excitement on his face as soon as he saw the hay rides, tractors and the escape room. So they all let loosed and pulled into any direction that the fun took them. Naomi and Unique ran to the Lamar and they started feeding all of them. After much running around we all hopped into the back of the hayride and drove down to the open pumpkin field where the four of them ran and smash on some pumpkin, and there was so much laughter as they headed down the fields to pick up their pumpkins.

The weather was so cool on our visit to the farm which means we also bring out our jacket and boots. This camouflage top I had on and army green jacket on joel all from Macy is the perfect layer for this weather because it acts as an extra cozy wrap as soon as the temperatures dropped. If you looking for a cool hues for fall, and still wants look stylish you can get yours at the link below.

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