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5 Best Adventures in Brisbane Australia

Rainbow Beach Swim Horse Ride

Joel shares my taste for traveling and never fails to bring all the excitement & adventure s for every trip. Traveling to Brisbane with him brought out all the joys that any parent could ask for. I figured out that he wouldn’t be this age for long, so I was very determined to make moment of our vacation count and to capture all the precious moments along the way. As we arrived from Sydney, Australia to Brisbane, Australia we rented a car from Brisbane International airport and I drove for about four hours with Joel sleeping at the back to the Plantation Resort at Rainbow Beach, Queensland. It was a pretty fun ride, with the fact that I had to drive right handed for the first time.

Rainbow beach is unlike anywhere Joel and I have been in the world. It is a heavenly sub-tropical, coastal town and the southern gateway to the famous Fraser Island. We stayed at the luxury Plantation Resort at Rainbow that made us feel at home. My apartment was on the top level, and it featured a roof top terrace that gave me an open view to the blue ocean. This hotel is surrounded with the ultimate list of endless adventure activities to make the best of your trip at the Rainbow beach. One of these adventure for us is the Horse swimming ride, which allows Joel and I to take a trained horse for a swim ride in the ocean. My dream ride.

This beach is one of the most incredible beaches in the world, and it’s rated as the third most colorful. I am naturally a horse lover and Joel is exactly the same, so you can imagine that we were mesmerized and instantly fall in love with our horses Renegade and Flint as soon as both were introduced. We very given a short safety presentation on the fundamentals of riding with both horses in the ocean, and had to pet them before we started the ride from the village down to the beach.

The swimming ride allows me to take my horse to the ocean and literally immerse in the ocean whilst the whales and dolphins were having fun nearby. This experience is so unique and amazing and I’m unlikely to forget it, and it was also one of the highlights of the Brisbane trip.

I wore one of the newest top from Beyonce Ivy Park collections. This red long sleeve crop top with a bold Ivy Park logo is the perfect top to make a statement on this ride. I Paired is with black high waisted bikini bottom and a red beach cover. The logo tape long sleeve top fits perfectly and it also gave me a comfy fit

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