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Colorful Celebrity-Approved Mini Skirt


Mini skirts are a summer-to-fall fashion favorite. From movie stars like Emma Watson to fashion innovators like Rihanna, mini skirts are a staple wardrobe piece for any fashionista. As a fashion influencer in Maryland, here are a few fashion tips on how to style a mini skirt for a casual day out:

  • Find the perfect fit and length

    If you want to wear a mini skirt without worrying about showing too much, it’s crucial to find the perfect fit. Finding the perfect length entails trying on different mini skirts to see which one looks best and which one is most comfortable.

    Experiment with different styles of mini skirts as well. A-line mini skirts can be flattering and accentuate your shape while body-con miniskirts are a cute look when paired with an oversized jacket.

  • Pair it with a simple top

    Looking good in a mini skirt is all about balance. Hence, it’s better to go with a simple top that offers ample coverage while still accentuating your shape. This provides a flattering look that’s perfect for a day out. As a lifestyle blog, we recommend wearing this colorful, celebrity-approved mini skirt with a top that has a similar color for a more cohesive look.

  • Pick the right shoes and accessories

    High heels look great when paired with mini skirts as they provide length. A clutch or small handbag pairs well with mini skirts and are more comfortable to use. Go with shoes and accessories that match the color of your skirt or provides an interesting contrast.

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