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Comfortable White Summer Outfit

Visiting new places and experiencing new cultures are huge parts of our lives. Thanks to the wonderful opportunity to travel to different places for Glam2Greatness and Joel’s zest and curiosity for different types of adventure, we are always eager to visit new theme parks and restaurants and go flea markets hunting. After a long trip from the Hamptons, we’re all back home and ready to delve into our different activities. I am chilling and creating new changes to my summer wardrobe and making it as comfortable as the weather permits.

Since we are so engaged with different activities — from swimming activities to grocery shopping, and then back to the gym in the summer — I always go with simple tees and denim, and sometimes, I switch it up with an off-shoulder top, which can also give accent to your gorgeous neck and collarbones. It is a fun way to dress up or even dress down, and you can still run around and look stylish as you make a fashion statement.

I always love to wear rompers because I see them as a go-to one-piece outfit when I am not in the mood to put on different kinds of clothing together. You can spice it up with a pair of statement sandals and/or fun accessories. You can also add some sheer piece to your summer collections and wear a bikini underneath when you’re in the poolside; it works very well with the heat.

My favorite accessories are colorful sunglasses that can simply prevent the intense glare of the sun — this pair from Nordstrom can go with different outfits — along with wide trendy beach hats that add bold flair to any outfit.

Be sure to keep up with all of my summer looks and fashion analysis, and I’d love your feedback on how I can give you more fashion tips.

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