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Do you need a resume to put a stunning seasonal look together?

When it comes to putting summer outfits together — fashion resume bullet points and credentials don’t necessarily hold a lot of weight when true vision and passion is included. In fact, the most inspired styles are often crafted from the creativity of pioneers who are determined to take fashion risk from conceptualizing and producing 100 percent authenticity with their own designs.

It’s this vision and love for the art of fashion that I’ve consistently used to present my style and ensemble exactly as I intend for it to be seen. In the next series of blog, I’ll provide some of my favorite styles to show you tips on how to have the most stunning seasonal outfits — and how to execute photoshoots and practically anything fashion is a fair game.

You will also see some of my favorite tricks for putting on stunning outfits together when the weather is changing and it will include how I take color and pattern into consideration when making a style selection. Most of the clothes selections will range from Eva Mendes sophisticated chic collection to the leather skirt from Zara and other designers from Nordstrom.

For this series my first post will delve into tips for styling a black outfit. So sit down and relax as we break into all the details of looking fly in a black ensemble.

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    • You’re absolutely stunning for agreeing to that. When the allow the drive to come from our passion and love for the art then the sky is the limit. Thanks a millio

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