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Fall Fashion Guide: Georgetown DC

It has been a while since we set out for a fall shoot, and after what seems like a long summer and back to school activities with my kids, I could not wait to bring you all the beauty that comes with the fall season. And what better place to give a fall fashion guide than the heart of the picturesque city of Georgetown in DC. We could not stop raving about the peacefulness of the canal, the architectural building, cobblestone streets, and high-end retail stores that made this historic city so charming.

Georgetown — been one of the oldest DC Neighborhood, which makes fall looks a little different than most places. This city will keep you stylish from head to toe because it has one of the hottest shopping scenes. With all the holidays around this time of the year, you see a lot of visitors and tourists around town, and I am always so excited because every corner you go, you see everyone trying to capture the magic and beauty of this place.

Our first stop on this shoot was around the famous corner of M Street known for its fashion appeal and selections of high-end stores, and what better way to capture the uniqueness and sights of this intersection than to shoot my favorite fall black Rosalyn leather boots from Michael Kors, style with this Derek Heart Juniors’ stripes bodycon sweater dress from Macy’s.

Then, we continue our fashion guide into one of the must-stop coffee shops Café Georgetown, off on M street. As someone with an exquisite taste and an eye for high-end stunning architecture, this place just stole my breath. This café small cherry café is located right on the quiet neighborhood, and the aesthetics and interiors of this place are so breathtakingly stunning, and you can see the sunlight streaming out from the roof of the minibar at the end of the café, and I can tell you to add that to your bucket list.

Whenever you head to the DC Neighborhood, feel free to stop by, and you will be thrilled by their hospitality.

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