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Fall Fashion Guide: Mount Vernon Neighborhood

It is November again and the fall fashion around the historic Carnegie Library in Mount Vernon DC this time of the year is so vibrant and colorful. This is one of the most attractive neighborhoods in the city and it’s known for not just its solid nightlife and nice restaurant, but for its luxury fashion.

Taking a walk around U street and downtown I noticed that there are a lot of beautiful high-rises, and the neighborhood felt so peaceful along with the calming colors of Fall. For this sightseeing, I pulled up this stunning Dominique tight high boots

from Macy’s, and I can tell you that it made me walk more fun. This boot presents the most stretchy silhouette and the pointed toe with the cushioned insole will make your walk so, comfortable.

I paired these boots with a wildly chic leopard print bodycon dress by Planet Gold from Macy’s

and this outfit is dazzle with glitter and finished with a mock neckline that can keep you warm and cozy as you plan on going on a sight-seeing tour.

Shop more of my fall looks below, plus a collage of all your holiday favorites.

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