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The Stamp of Approval Fall Fashion Trends

The Stamp of Approval Fall Fashion Trends

Woman in her beautiful dress Woman in her beautiful dress

After what seemed like a long and hot summer, fall eventually made its way to us, bringing a chilly wind, a new splash of color from Mother Nature, and of course, a new fashion season. As I was looking at the fall 2018 runways, a lot of my questions on how to dress for next season were answered.

Fashion houses like Balmain and Calvin Klein gave animal prints a stamp of approval and they also tapped into ‘80s inspiration. These designers gave me the impression that the fall season is a time when cute, stylish, or even sexy outfits can be incorporated into all my staple outfits, and that you can use your sweaters and scarves to protect yourself from the chill that begins to form in preparation for winter. That means that this season provides plenty of opportunity and options for you to be fashion-forward and stylish, while still dressing up in a practical way that is fit for the season and all the holiday occasions.

Woman in her beautiful dressWoman in her beautiful dress

This year offers a wide array of autumn fashion trends that are sure to leave you with plenty of options on what to wear for any given occasion all through the season. I will focus more on trendy fall work-to-weekend apparel, boots, and accessories that showcase a combination of modern, feminine, and clean styling details. The multifunctional mix of statement-making pieces and wardrobe-glamorizing essentials will boost the gap between the different trends and timeless styles.

With all the fashion houses issuing their final approval, one of my favorite trends is the animal print.

Woman in her beautiful dress Woman in her beautiful dress

If you’re tired of the common leopard prints, then you can try something else, such as snake or tiger patterns. You can even mix and match different prints in one complete outfit. Just make sure not to overdo it, of course, and remember that black is your best friend when it comes to daring prints.

Another favorite trend this season is the plaid jackets. I am definitely filling up my closet with these stylish and fun textures coats as a way to bring down the chill. These coats are a must-have, especially when you will be spending some time commuting or walking outdoors. Wearing a thicker coat over a thinner one in contrasting colors will give you the snugness you need, while still being alluring to the eye.

Woman in her beautiful dress

And lastly, you want to make sure your wardrobe is filled with multi-purpose cardigans
because not only do these sweaters work to protect you from the cold, but they can also double as an added accessory to accentuate your outfit. Knitted cardigans with teddy textures work best for any occasion. Wear brightly colored ones during the day and try pulling off the shoulder when indoors or wrap it around your waist over a dress during the evening

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