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Ardree is a Master Hair Stylist and Cosmotology Educator, yes, but also a master of all things hair care and coloring. He’s been in the industry since he was 16 years old, and his consistence pursuit for excellence has led him to build up a robust list of client roster of celebrities in Hollywood. He has held onto his humility even as he continued to defy every gravitational pull to mediocrity. This distinguishing characteristic has led Ardree to Hollywood and he now gives a full range of master classes. Simply saying he’s an expert in his craft is an understatement. And today, he’s providing answers to our questions.

sideview of a ladyBefore we go into hair can you tell us how you’ve managed to stay humble inspite of all your achievements?

  • Staying focused and remembering where my roots are. Learning from other people’s mistake and having a good support system to build a foundation for my career.

How do you define a perfect hairstyle and hair color, and how can a person achieve that?

  • It’s something that you cannot visually see it’s about how the style and color makes that client feel. Personalized hairstyle or hair color is powerful in so many ways , it can change a person’s self -esteem . It can make a person feel like they can conquer the world. And most importantly is brings the client happiness.

    My advice is for the client to not try it at home and go to a professional cosmetologist. That’s very important because we are educated and certified on customizing the look that best fits you. Such as what cuts are best for you face shape or what colors compliments your skin tone. Lastly understanding it’s important to invest in your hair the same as you would for anything else that’s important to you.

group of peopleWhat treatment would you recommend for hair loss due to coloring and relaxers?

  • There are so many brands in the industry. Get something that’s beneficial to the hair and scalp, not something that just smells good. First start off with the root of the issue, by a diagnosis from a licensed cosmetologist. One who’s able to customize a hair program for your particular hair situation. One product I love for my client’s that has scalp issues and over processed hair is The Drybar Bay Breeze Hydrating Shots. This product replenishes the moisture in the hair, its super concentrated and has the ability to penetrate the cuticle and works from the inside out. Giving you instant results.

For people who have relaxers on their hair on a frequently, what recommendations would you provide them to properly care for their hair?

  • Consistency is key for the proper care of your hair. Do not to relax to frequently, but when needed. Deep condition as well as keeping your ends trimmed. Also keep your hair moisturized, breakage is caused by dry relaxed hair. Wear a silk scarf or a silk pillowcase to sleep on at night. Silk does not absorb the oil and moisture in your hair like cotton will.

G2G Beauty imageHow should people who color/relax their hair protect it in the pool?

  • Two ways. Don’t put your hair in the water or wear a pool cap. But if your hair does come into contact with the pool water, please be sure to wash your hair thoroughly with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. This is important because the chlorine can cause dryness and deplete your hair color.

Does our lifestyle – smoking, dieting, drinking etc have any effect on our hair? Any advice?

  • Lifestyle plays a very important role in the health of your hair. I have learned in my career that…. What you put into your body is going to come out. Healthy habits produce healthy results.

What is your take on coloring a relaxed hair?

  • The first thing that comes to mind when I think about coloring relaxed hair is…DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!! Coloring relaxed hair is a tricky process that only a professional can execute.

Do you have any tips for women transitioning from relaxed to natural hair?

  • Patience and consistency, because when it comes to transitioning, you must make hair goals and hard decisions. You must decide whether you want to do the big chop by cutting off all of your hair, or gradually cutting the relaxer out. Lastly remember to have patience because transitioning can be a long and slow process. Enjoy each and every day of your transition and utilize the internet to find fun natural styles for your hair type, to do at home.
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