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Glam2Greatness favorite looks from the MET Gala

Favorite looks from the MET Gala 2017

The theme for this year’s MET Gala is Comme des Garcons. The first week in May simply starts with one thing – it’s the MET Gala season. For people who don’t get the full picture of what the sartorial hubbub is all about, it’s the most elaborate couture party of the year where – the glitter and glamour of Hollywood come together. Looking all dressed up, they walk the red carpet ready to celebrate the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s latest Costume Institute exhibit, but the whole idea is to show one another their custom design, exquisite and fascinating ball gowns and tuxedo. The black tie fete tuxedo is even going to be more over the top than usual as the different celebrities get themselves ready to honor Comme des Garcons Creative Director Rei Kawakubo. If the name gets you wondering, I felt the same, but you’re going to get the full scope shortly. Comme des Garcons, French for “like some boys,” is a Japanese fashion label founded by Rei Kawakubo. Comme des Garcons is based in Tokyo and the prestigious Place Vendome in Paris. Resume aside; she is the poised, tight-lipped creative director of the innovative, visionary couture house Comme des Garcons. She held her first fashion show in Paris in 1981 where she introduced the super-wide shoulders, bright neon colors and pussy bow blouses that propelled fashion into a new era. Her aesthetic was decidedly presented with precision. She is recognized as one of the greatest designers in the industry because of her risk-taking and innovativeness. She has successfully made her unique vision trickle down to the main street because of her ability to push herself beyond the norms. With her creativity all over the MET Gala red carpet tonight, no one will feel underdressed.

You are welcome to let us know your thought about her impact on the MET Gala below.

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