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How I Recreated the Perfect Business Casual Attire

How I Recreated the Perfect Business Casual Attire

In today’s work environment, defining the business casual attire for women can be quite tricky. Dressing appropriately is important to establish your reputation and create a good impression, especially if you meet clients regularly. As a fashion influencer, we have prepared a brief guide to help you recreate the perfect business casual attire:

How I Recreated the Perfect Business Casual Attire

Pick the right Shirt

Foremost, choose the right dress shirt for your outfit. Opt for the mid length, dressy shirt with elegant sleeve. You can pair the shirts with a blazer. For my look in my executive role in Georgetown I Opt for a yellow tones that are soft on the eyes rather than colors and patterns that are too bold and distracting. You may also go for a casual dress with a skirt that flows down below the knee.

Find an appropriate bottom

Though I decided to wear my long sleeve as a single piece for this shoot, but you can pair it with a black or grey Pants or skirt. Just make sure to go with a more formal material, such as khaki, corduroy, twill, or cotton. Knee-length and pencil skirts are some of my favorite because it offer more styling options, while dress pants offer more comfort and versatility.

Accessorize to complete the look

I Completed my dress shirt outfit with the most comfortable pair of yellow booty shoes from Nordstrom. And I added the cutest tote bag from Louis Vuitton to complete the classy look. You may also want to add earrings and a pair of wristbands or wristwatch to accentuate your features.

Here are some of the things I avoid when selecting work outfit.

When it comes to business casual, bold prints and glitters are a no-no. You should also avoid sportswear, tennis shoes, ripped pants, crop tops, and denim.

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