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MET GALA— The impact of catholic imagery on Fashion & Creativity

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This is the Oscar of fashion, of course, simply known as the MET Gala, an annual event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s which exhibits its biggest fashion-centered collection this year with the captioned ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” curated by Andrew Bolton.

As a traditional, the show takes place on the first Monday in May featuring celebrities from politics to Hollywood.

Historically, the different celebrities are expected to dressed to the theme of each year’s exhibition, but some celebrities often embark on their own Pseudo-Sino Fashion Quest, that often results in controversy. This year’s theme displays the museum’s largest square footage displaying collections from Anna Windsor costumes center down to the museum’s medieval collections which features designs from Gianni and Donatello Versace.

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On the surface, “Heavenly Bodies” gives us a sneak peak into the relationship between the Catholic faith which has been very creative with Jewel-encrusted, ermine-trimmed opulence and modern day creative designs. It connects the holy papacy with the different haute couture and showed the how the popes ropes and accessories has inspired modern days designers from Versace to coco Chanel to Balmain and TomFord.

Faith of course, has played a huge role fashion and that modern day collision cannot be ignored. This enduring influence of religion on fashion is what is displayed on tonight’s red carpet — from Rihanna who’s the co-chair of this year’s event welcoming everyone to church in her pearl-encrusted Madison Margiela minidress with a long collared robe and a matching headpiece similar to the ceremonial crown of the pope. She embodied tonight’s theme and her ‘Heavenly Body” is simply a reminder of the greatness that’s embedded in our ability to be consistent with our creativity.

  • woman with fashion
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