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Tom Ford: Ready-to-Wear-SS18

Tom Ford emerged out of his NYFS smelling fucking fabulous. Seriously though, that’s the name of the exclusive private blend perfume he launched on Wednesday night. Tom Ford is a big believer on exclusiveness. Its specifically curated for the glamourous individual and compelled one to explore.

The mid-90s ushered a transformation for Tom Ford’s super-sexy show for Gucci with a juicy sense of exclusivity based on impulse to curiosity. The show according to Vogue’s Sarah Mover is “one of those hitting-in-the-scolarplexus moments” for the fashion set. The same effect was felt two seasons later for both his Gucci show and later Saint Laurent. Both shows where more like a push to challenge fashion status quo.


That particular innovative quality is precisely what has set the Tom Ford apart from the rest and positioned as the most exceptional in the industry. The intensity of a passionate hardwork lights up the runway and shows up on screen. He acknowledged that it’s been a challenge to discover what was once his sweet spot of “joy, flamboyance, silliness” after a long road back from his drinking days. But, with Wednesday show stopping presentation, it can be announce that he has truly rediscover his sweet spot and positioned for greatness.

His consistency and coherent is infused in everything he touches and that could almost constitute to “authenticity” and that sense was felt in the whole collection presented on Wednesday.

Photos: Yannis Vlamos/Indigital.tv

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