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Settle for Greatness

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How do you move from glam to greatness?

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about greatness. The power of the word. The concept that surrounds it. The people who have dared it. I have also thought about the people whose hard work, determination, personal qualities has led them to greatness.

All these got me thinking about what greatness means in a practical term. How do you define greatness? How do you move from “good to great?” How to you settle for greatness personally and professionally?

Girl ModelSettling for greatness will require you to put in place some carefully crafted set of steps – to guide you along the way. Having gone through some of my own challenges, especially in the world of fashion, beauty industry, and digital branding solution, I was able to leverage the experience and develop a home where I could care for children in foster care. Your steps may require you to develop a viable model based on your unique experience- and use the lessons as key steps towards greatness.

I had also the opportunity of connecting with young girls in group homes this week. We had a discussion about greatness and I was moved and inspired by their creativity. You can also use your creativity enhance the greatness in you. Like these young girls, your creativity can be beneficial and still propels you to greatness even in the face of challenges. Perhaps, one of your challenges now is on how to make the best branding decision in your life. Go on and conquer that challenge.

Man walk on the spotRemember though that moving from glam to greatness will require your consistency and commitment. Your consistency as you follow your passion for beauty, fashion, styling, branding, or blogging will ultimately lead you to greatness. I have consistently applied education in my pursuit of greatness because I believe in the saying that “knowledge is power.”

The hunger for greatness will require you to take a leap and position yourself in areas that allow your attributes to shine. Only you can do what you are created to do. Your ability to maintain your unique position will allow you to gain a competitive advantage towards greatness.

Several Brand NamesThe appetite for greatness grew within me after reading the book “Good to Great.” Jim Collins, the book’s writer, elaborated that “good is the enemy of great.” It’s good to be good but it’s always better to aim for the great and beautiful things in this world. Don’t allow your passion for glamor make you loose sense of the big picture: greatness.

You will need to focus on the power of your mind – that is your perspective. When you adopt a unique and positive perspective, you can find and exploit opportunities that others aren’t paying attention to. Greatness will always challenge the status quo.

I strongly believe that greatness is achievable and very much within your reach. Greatness will notch you to move out of your narrow way of thinking and push you to dive into the deep. Greatness will bring you to the highest peak of your success. Hence, you need to think big, move on from glam, and settle for greatness.

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