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Best Adventures in Sydney



There is so much beauty to behold in Australia, but it is even more breathtaking and unique when that beauty is experience as you embark of the famous bridge climb. One of the best adventures in Australia is right on the heart of Sydney where you have both the Sydney Opera House and the the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This bridge has the largest steel arch in the world, and it’s spans one of the most finest natural harbors in the world.

We left our hotel very early in the morning and took the ferry from Barangaroo to Circular Quay, and we had to get our smart trip card using the opal ATM machine on the docking station. We swiped out card and went into the ferry, and immediately climbed up to the top deck so we could see the magnificent sights and sounds of Sydney. As soon as Joel and I came out from the ferry we walked out and found a stairs that led up to the bridge walk.

After walking about a mile on the bridge we walked back and found an elevator that took us to the Famous Cumberland Street in the historic The Rocks neighborhood, and then made our way to BridgeClimb office. Arriving there we had to sign up and fill out the necessary paperwork before we walk up the top of the summit for a 360 degree view of the city.

Visiting Australia, I knew that climbing the bridge was a must for me, but I couldn’t get pass my fear of height, but climbing climb the bridge has been one the most intriguing experience in my life and it gave me to courage to really face my fear of heights head on. Before the climb, Joel and I walked across the bridge and the view from the top is as stunning and beautiful as you can imagine.

After the bridge climb, I had to take the ferry across the Sydney Opera House and it is the absolute best adventure you can ever imagine. We went back into the ferry and sailed from Circular Quay back to Barangaroo, and this sail took us underneath the bridge and you can see all the restaurants, pubs and luxury building around the city and the beauty of this experience is mind blowing.

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