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How Dressing Up Improves Mental Health


Probably everyone has had this emotion. You glance in the mirror and choose your outfit for the day. When you like what you see, you believe you can take on the world. As a fashion influencer in Maryland, I believe that fashion affects how we feel. Our attitude, confidence, and ability to adopt a persona can all be improved by our clothing. There is a sense of control over the situation. You are deciding for yourself. This improves mental health and is empowering.

The most evident mood-enhancing factor is color. Yellow is happy and elevates our mood. Red is power and control. Blue soothes and so on. Fashion has indeed had its own story linked to a person’s mental health. These stories are being told in interviews in fashion week and even in lifestyle blog and vlogs. Fashion is an excellent approach to discovering mental stimulation and keeping your mind occupied, which will help you become more confident. Below are some ways that make fashion great for your mental health.

  • It makes you aware of your emotions and thoughts. The potential of fashion to foster self-discovery and awareness of yourself is one way it may be a valuable tool for enhancing mental health.
  • It improves your mood. We can use our attire to not only check our mood but also to alter it!
  • It motivates you. You can create your own motivation, too! You can wear something that reminds you of your goal!

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