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How to Repurpose Your Spring Outfits


With all the fun of spring, we’re sure you’ve got a closet full of cute clothes begging to be worn again. But with warmer weather comes a whole new set of wardrobe challenges.

How can you make sure your spring outfit will work for summer? Your favorite fashion influencer in Maryland has some tips for you:

  • Find the correct fabric

    If you have an outfit made out of a light, airy fabric (like cotton or linen), it’s going to be pretty easy to transition those pieces into summer. Although, if the material is heavier, like wool or cashmere, it might be best to leave them in storage for another season.

  • Think about layering

    To keep your spring pieces fresh for summer, try layering them under light-colored blouses and jackets—or even under short sleeves if you have something sleeveless in your closet already! You can also layer on a cardigan or vest over thinner tops and dresses to give them more coverage when temperatures rise.

  • Add pops of color with accessories

    One way to modernize your spring look to make it work for summer is by adding pops of bright color with accessories like shoes, hats, bracelets, and more.

So if you are tight on budget but still want to look fly, follow my lifestyle blog for more tips.

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