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Keeping My Skin Refreshed and Moisturized

I always gets loads of compliments on my glowing skin. Although my daily skincare routine, drinking lots of water, and my genes play a huge part on this; nowadays, I owe it mostly to having fallen in love with Palmer Cocoa Butter. This cream is rich in natural moisturizers that help hydrate and softens even the driest skin. The most breathtakingly stunning about this original solid jar is that it’s enriched with Vitamin E which helps to improve the appearance of imperfections, dark spots, and stretch marks for a more even skin tone.

  • woman applying lotion to her feet
  • woman applying lotion to her feet

I love to apply it to my hand and feet overnight because it helps to target the impossible dryness in these areas.

I’m so excited to let you know that Palmer is offering a discount of 10% when you use Glam2greatness as a code when you shop.

A big thank you to Palmer Cocoa Butter for sponsoring this post.


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