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Love Affair Between Fashion and Technology

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Technology and fashion are in a state that they just can’t get over each other. The constant love between the two where they depend on each other is for generating new trends. When they started growing fonder, there were a lot of speculations as to how the meshing up of these two, would result in. But examples like apple watch, 3D printed fabrics, and online trials ensure that the bond is a fruitful one.

Today top fashion brands are involving high tech technology to drive innovative products in the market and to tap the untapped market using varied technologies like mobile apps, social media marketing, digital fund transfer etc. Stats show that in the year of 2017, 197 billion mobile apps have been downloaded, which shows how dependent we are on technology. From shopping our favorite apparel to purchasing the best skin care product, we have a separate app or website for each of these things.

Fashion and technology make a perfect blend on online marketing, where most of the users are highly glued to every fashion product like lipsticks, tunics, footwear and much more. From launching their product on digital platforms to addressing every query of their buyers, fashion brands make complete use of technology to generate more followers and the overall revenue for their brand. Facebook a social media platform alone has around 2 billion active users each month, which shows the immense power a single platform can hold. Tapping this massive reach of the internet marketing across globe, fashion industry can open avenues one can only wonder.

Putting your best foot down and coming on front foot on the right online medium, can help you target you proper audience. From making your product available to niche, class, mass or any other sect of audience one desires, technology-driven solutions available on internet marketing does it all. ‘Admise Paris’ a niche apparel Parisian label, has come up with their creative side in the form of a feminine suit. This suit can comprise of tailored trousers, structural blazers and a-line skirts in range of delectable makes which include gold and burgundy velvet, green and blue corduroy and smart blue and grey wool. This unique brand is targeting its niche audience with the help of Instagram marketing.

Technology, on the other hand, doesn’t just seem to have enough of fashion. While innovating a new product, techies have to be sure that their product is in line with the fashion trend, or else it be rejected. The classic example of fashion driving technology can be seen in apple watches. These are compiled in such a way that they match the style or persona of the user along with being the coolest gadget one can flaunt.

Conde Nast Entertainment announced a new video channel for Vogue to ensure success for both the parties. Such union shows that technology and fashion have a huge correlation to meet the needs of their consumers. There is no fashion brand which doesn’t inculcate technology and its various channels for selling, promoting, maintaining customer relations, or any other activities which brands perform on day to day basis.

To meet the fierce competition which is among various technology brands, they have to come up with something new, innovative and that which meets the fashion needs of their customers. Google’s appearance on New York Fashion Week runway with its internet browsing glasses was one such move, which shows technology too depends on latest fashion trends.

Looking at this inter-relation or love affair between the two, businesses will have to come up with strategies that amalgamate fashion and technology to meet the customer needs and create and sustain a brand image which remains intact for years to come. Innovation and creativity in technology will not only have to meet the fashion needs, but fashion industry, on the other hand, have to blend the latest technology to woe its audience.

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