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Saturday Farmer’s Market White Summer Dress

After being out of state for what seems to be forever, I couldn’t wait to be back home and just relax in my kitchen, cooking some fresh-scented vegetables for my kids. The first place I visited as soon as we settled in was my favorite Potomac Farmers Market. With my basket at hand on a very sunny day, I stylishly kept walking from one canopy to the other, sampling one delicacy after another. I couldn’t make up my mind for the particular veggies to pick because the samples were just too much.

If there was one thing that really got me so excited, it was this white summer dress that I picked up from Macy’s. It felt like it was perfectly made for me to make my entrance in this vibrant market. The cotton eyelet lace created the most versatile and comfortable design.

This Tommy Hilfiger sundress accentuated my figure with a contrasting blue belt that brought out the most perfect fit.

I also loved the simplicity of the design, and the cotton fabric gave it a more unique and stunning appearance. You could easily accessorize the dress, and it would make a wonderful Easter, wedding, and summer block party ensemble.

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31 responses to “Saturday Farmer’s Market White Summer Dress”

  1. You look great in this dress! I wish i could wear a white dress but it makes me look thicker and i would dirty it once i get out of the house lol

  2. What a beautiful and summery look! I especially love the belt. I never think to wear a dress to my local farmer’s market, but I just picked one up and now I’m gonna give it a go!

  3. This is beautiful. I can barely get out of my PJs to go to farmer’s market..lol. You look great!

  4. That dress is really cute, I like its simple design. It also looks like you found a lot of great products at the market!

  5. Personally from a guy, white dress during the Summer are a great cool look for the outdoor heat.

  6. Folks think it’s the red dress that pops and that may be true, but a white dress has a more subtle approach that equally conquers a room.

  7. What a lovely dress! I like the way you’ve accessorised it with black shoes to go with the belt. Very chic!

  8. White is really great as it fits well to anyone, anytime and anywhere! Looks great on you though

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