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My addition to haute couture inspired by contemporary fashion

I have always viewed fashion in contemporary times as an engine that provoke change, and I’m so excited to share how this provocation has inspired my love for couture style with you. As a fashion influencer I have always use the changes in fashion, consumer lifestyles and culture as a guide to styling in which ever environment I find myself. The Parisian couture style has influenced most of my couture styling because of the high fashion culture that most often help to stimulates our fashion senses. I love the intricate way the garments are constructed by hand from start to finish with great details.

I was super inspired by how a designer’s imagination provides permission that brings out our unique individuality. I was a bit startled When I decided to style this outfit. I looked at the piques details in the green skirt and thought the appeal of the garments to those who will see it on me as I walk through the street market know that’s usually not the place to wear an outfit like this to, but to my amazing surprise I was impressed by the number of people that the outfit resonated with. Thank you notes to Joel for encouraging me to to the risk.

Other characteristics that influences my addiction to couture are the quality and details of the fabric , the fit and the overall ability to just be myself. The cream blouse with flare sleeve top in this ensemble have an excellent fit that took almost 10 hours to merge together and the quality of the design that reflects the taste of what I love in couture. The skirt have a special design and hand sewn that’s initiated by Parisian trends of last winter season silk pastel green and all piece together like a puzzle.

I’ll advice that you also use your style to create your own voice, vision and value because taking risk is what we are all created to do.

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