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The Stamp of Approval Fall Fashion Trends

The Stamp of Approval Fall Fashion Trends After what seemed like a long and hot summer, fall eventually made its way to us, bringing a chilly wind, a new splash of color from Mother Nature,... Continue reading »

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A Classic Plaid Minidress with a Long Fall Sweater

Some weeks back, I started searching for an outerwear to prep me for the changing weather. I spent the entire month of October trying to find the right ensemble; all the while considering that... Continue reading »

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Black Autumn Magical Outfits

I have long said my goodbyes to cute bikinis and tank tops, as fall has already made its way to our realm. As the trees shed their leaves during this time of the year in favor... Continue reading »

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How to make impact with your style as a Fashion Influencer

The fashion and beauty industry has a plethora of everyday people who consider themselves as “divas”. Long before fashion stylist started taking ownership of every red carpet, there has always... Continue reading »