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Outfit of the Day: Going Playful with Plaid

Here’s my Glam2Greatness take on wearing print-on-print with arguably the most stable print there is, plaid.

Print-on-Print Is the Trend of Today

  • woman wearing soft pink light fur coat

The print-and-plain pairing is one classic yet outdated fashion rule. I’ve seen a lot of individuals – brands, models on and off ramp, and celebrities – embrace the print-on-print trend. And while some look too loud for my taste, others have pulled up the style quite fabulously.

I’ve embraced the print-on-print style, too. Yes, there are times I pair my prints with plains. As I’ve mentioned earlier, that’s classic fashion advice, one that comes handy from time to time. But you see? Sticking to fashion’s rules isn’t me.

  • woman wearing soft pink light fur coat

As the vintage saying goes, “Learn to play piano by the rules then forget them and play by the heart.” Fashion’s like that. There are boundaries and it’s good to get to know them. However, experimenting is its heart. You won’t leave a mark if you always go by the rules. Learn to bend them; test their limits.

Playful Classic Plaids

  • woman wearing soft pink light fur coat

For my print-on-print ensemble, I chose the kind that always managed to crawl its way in no matter what season – plaids. They may seem archetypal and rigid but you can actually glam them up!

  • woman wearing soft pink light fur coat

Here, I experimented with the same plaid pattern but in different hues. I also used dark pink and blue for my top and skirt respectively, two colors on the opposite ends of the spectrum. With all these seemingly conflicting elements, how did I manage to pull them all up?
I may have bent the rules but I still played along the line.

The Common Color

  • woman wearing soft pink light fur coat

What do my top and skirt have in common besides the print pattern? Color. My blue skirt has a splash of pink and my top a dash of the cool tones reminiscent of blue.

The Playful Edge

  • woman wearing soft pink light fur coat

Plaid has always been seen as the plain, typical, “serve its purpose” kind of print. It’s an everyday staple and very lumberjack-y. For this outfit, I wanted to show the print in a new light – it can be unique as much as it’s ordinary, exciting as much as it’s plain, and has the potential to put you on the spotlight.
My asymmetrical top gives off that vibe. It’s all girly fun with its one sleeve, high-low design, and ruffles. I balanced these features out with the sleek lines of my skirt. And that slit? It’s functional as it’s fashionable. It makes walking a whole lot easier!

In fashion, experimenting is a friend, remember that. Just put these Glam2Greatness nuggets of advice to heart:

  • Start with small prints if you fear going big can swallow you.
  • Pair thick with thin, small with big patterns.
  • Never compromise your silhouette.
  • Have one common element.
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