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From Furry to Chic: The Furry-Sleeved Top Challenge

Rocking the Glam2Greatness way with my furry-sleeved blue top because every season is a high fashion season!

The Furry Sleeves Challenge

When I found this navy blue top, its long sleeves lined with black and blue strips of faux fur, my playful experimental side shouted, “Get that!” However, my fashionably rational side reasoned out, “Can we really make out an ensemble that can pull that off? Do I even look good in that?”

Well, guess which side won? My hands itched to get the top so I did! And the challenge was on. How was I going to pull the outfit out in everyday wear without going fashionably overboard?

Creating a Sleek Silhouette

When putting your outfits together, always aim at creating your flattering silhouette or body outline. Fail to do so and you could end up looking frumpy and lumpy. Know your curves and know how to accentuate them without ending up showing too much skin.

I like the shape of my hips and love showing them off in simple-cut pencil skirts. So, for this OOTD to work, I donned on a black, mid-length one. As the faux fur strips are an accessory themselves, I decided to go the simple route with my accouterments – black leather asymmetrical obi belt, long necklace, and my chic glasses.

Noticed how my skirt, my accessories and my footwear are in black? The top’s my statement and the whole outfit is designed to make its hue pop out.

The good thing with the look is I can wear it in my day job at the office. But it could also fit in with the night crowd, something I could wear from the office to my girlfriends’ night out for some unwinding.

3 Other Ways to Pull the Top Off

I have these look concepts in my mind that I think I could pull off beautifully with this top.

One is to tuck it in a knee-length, basic-colored pencil skirt. Then, I can accentuate my waist with a thin leather belt. It’s another great corporate appearance for those important presentations and meetings with the bosses.

I also believe I can pair it with a long, flowy skirt. Floral prints would make an exceptional contrast to the plain blue hue.

The third one has to do with dark skinny jeans with boots or trousers with kitty heels.

I might even do these concepts for my future OOTDs. My Glam2Greatness advice for this piece? Never back down from challenges. You’ll never know what extraordinary things you can accomplish with them.

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