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Why I Love the OroGold Skin Collection

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I used to love wandering through my mom’s beauty chest while opening all the beauty containers to smell each fragrance. Today, I still feel that same excitement as I open my OroGold Luxury Cosmetics. I find the scent from this skincare collection so comforting and rejuvenating and it has a soothing aroma and hydrating effect as it moisturizes your skin.

The 24k multi-vitamin exfoliating gel in this formula helps to brighten the overall tone of your skin while it gently exfoliates ─ leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. The deep moisturizer is one of my favorite products in the collection because it has a light, non-greasy texture. This velvety cream is filled with the right amount of vitamin E, which helps protect my skin from the sun and reduce moisture loss. This improves the appearance of my skin and also restores its volume, avoiding the effects of sagging.

Only a scoop or two twice a day is needed to produce radiant results ─ and you can feel good with the lush, moisturizing, and skin-reviving benefits of using this cream. To celebrate the start of summer this Labor Day, OroGold is offering free shipping for any order within the US.

Thank you, OroGold, for sponsoring this blog post.

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