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A Versatile Exaggerated Bell Sleeve Lace Top

This playful bell sleeves adds a flouncy movement to this top, and as I was looking for what to pair it with, this black and white lacey detailed skirt stood out and, complimented it so perfectly. I honestly can tell you that this exaggerated statement piece is inspired by me trying to channel my inner Beyoncé. 

Though a lot of the outfit worn by Queen Bey on the spirit video are little bit pricey, so I got this ensemble that is friendlier on the wallet and more suitable for a daily stylish lifestyle. 

So as I planned the photoshoot, I made sure that this shoot shows my love for the new spirit music video and still exudes a fresh summer vibrant feeling that enhances the glow that comes with the season. The stretchy lace fabric also makes it so comfortable and perfect for any festive activities when you pair it with the right bottom. 

I accessorized this outfit with a simple silver studded white pumps and a rose color bangle, and it painted a picture that will simply make any fashionista stand up tall in any occasion.

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5 responses to “A Versatile Exaggerated Bell Sleeve Lace Top”

  1. This is a very sexy dress yet conservative too. I love the white heels you rocked!

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