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Back to School Shopping Mode Alert

After a long summer of fun activities and relaxing in the beach with your kids, it’s that time of the year where you have to step back and get back into school shopping mode. Class in back in full session! Moms like yourself know the stress that comes with a new school season. But the fun part for me this year is that my kids are taking over Potomac mills for all their back-to-school supplies.

You all know that revamping your growing kids closet is no easy task, and what better way to prepare for a new school year than a fun filled day at Simon Mills in Woodbridge? This mall is the perfect destination for all the adorable and trendy outfits for your little one to guarantee that they’ll get an A+ in both style and academic this year! I was able to find a lot of trendy outfits for my little fashionista when we shopped at Ralph Lauren stores in the mall, and I got some sweatpants and logo T-shirts for Joel and dresses for Unique.

I also went into Under Armor, where Joel and Naomi picked up their tennis shoes to prepared them for all the gym activities in school. Collecting all the new school supplies at this mall was so much fun and it makes the transition back to school so smooth.

Swipe on to the next pic to see all the finds you and your kids will score as soon as you step into Simon Mills, so you too can get Back to school with Simon. And like us you will be saying a big thank you to Simon Mills for an easy transition to school routine.

Thank you Simon Mills for Sponsoring this post.

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